As a homeless boy clings to his puppy for love and warmth, passersby pass by indifferent to his plight

Have you ever wondered what an act of sincere love means? Perhaps for some people it is about giving something material; For others, it implies…

Have you ever wondered what an act of sincere love means? Perhaps for some people it is about giving something material; For others, it means spending time with that special person without giving or receiving anything in return.

But, there are few people who, when thinking about performing an act of love, the benefit is for someone other than their family circle, or their closest friends. Although homeless people and stray canines can move us and leave us with heavy hearts, they rarely choose to act. Because all it takes is one act of compassion to change their lives forever.

On the street, a homeless boy clings to his puppy to keep warm and give each other love.


Unfortunately, there are still a large number of street children who spend their days traveling from one place to another, working miracles to find enough food.

Lately, a snapshot of a homeless boy sleeping with his puppy, who has become his faithful companion and only family, has gone viral.

Network users demand the immediate intervention of the Department of Child Protection


The sad photographs portray two small beings, very different, but both vulnerable. Unfortunately, his state of helplessness does not seem to bother anyone, as many pass by him indifferently, without taking into account that there are two people on the ground crying out to be saved. . Or maybe they just didn’t want to notice, or see beyond their noses.

The child still does not have a name and it is not known if he was orphaned or abandoned by his parents.

So far it is only known that he sleeps with his pet on the sidewalk near the central train station in Manila, Philippines. This little guy, despite everything that happened, has not abandoned his puppy, showing their incredible bond and the genuine meaning of love.


The photographs were obtained by Jem Villomo, a young man who lives near the city and uploaded them to his Facebook account with the intention of raising awareness and getting someone to give them all the help they deserve. In this context he comments:

“The boy lives on the street with his dog. “He doesn’t ask for money but for food for both of them.”

Unfortunately stories like these are repeated throughout history. Let’s remember Rommen Quemenales, another 11-year-old boy who lives on the street and who also found his greatest comfort in a puppy.


These stories cannot help but cause us indignation and a lack of sensitivity to act and give these young people, along with their pets, the life they deserve.

Although the Department of Social Welfare and Development is the organization that should take care of children in the Philippines, no big changes have been noticed yet.

Rommen Quemenales is also from the Philippines, he only has his puppy Badgi.


The greatest certainty is that this child’s only family is a puppy, together they sleep in each other’s arms waiting to wake up and find someone who will change their lives.

They only have each other exhibiting the most real and reciprocated love despite the difficult situation in which they find themselves.

Please do not hesitate to help the most vulnerable and let’s do acts of love that change the lives of beings who need it so much. May this note serve to be the voice that watches over the most innocent, and reaches the authorities so that they really intervene quickly.

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